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Green Illustrations

Presentations with links to sustainability, environment or conservation are becoming alieve with photos and pictures that support the spoken word. For everybody that doesn’t trust his or her drawing skills Greeneducation4all offers free illustrations.

Graphic Recording & Facilitation

Communication is the key for understanding one another. Different languages and levels of education sometimes can pose problems in transferring the message right. Pictures in form of visual minutes help to follow the train of thoughts and keep the thread in everybody’s eye.

Green Capacity Building

Sustainable behavior needs awareness through education. Out of a hundred, only a few will understand and act differently. Those few will be the change makers in future. Greeneducation4all offers green capacity building to schools, vocational training institutes, communities and businesses in order to support the process.

Beneficiaries for Green Capacity Building

Green Capacity Building 4 Businesses

A company that cares for nature and environment also cares for the future of the company itself. Investing in sustainability pays back in the long run, as shareholders, customers and workers will appreciate a sound corporate policy.

Green Capacity Building 4 Communities

Behaving sustainable in a common communal approach will enhance the quality of living in terms of environment and nature. Ownership in local structures will make natural resources a common good that needs to be protected for future generations.

Green Capacity Building 4 Vocational Training

Problems with energy and resources need to be taught alongside with positive achievements and innovations. There is no end to the world, there are just more positive changes and room for innovations.

Green Capacity Building 4 Schools

The future decision makers will benefit from education that equips them with soft skills like problem solving, systemic thinking and a sound environmental education.


Green Capacity Building 4 Schools in Vietnam
Graphic Facilitation in Germany 4 NABU
Graphic Facilitation in Germany 4 the river Aller
Graphic Recording in Germany 4 Wolves
Graphic Recording in Vietnam 4 Bac Lieu
Green Capacity Building 4 Communities in Kenya
Green Capacity Building 4 Vocational Training in Vietnam