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Green Illustrations and Animations

Presentations with links to sustainability, environment or conservation are becoming alieve with illustrations and animations that support the spoken word. Greeneducation4all offers tailor-make illustrations in different styles ranging from artistic aquarelle paintings to stick-man-sketches.

Graphic Recording & Facilitation

Communication is the key for understanding one another. Different languages and levels of education sometimes can pose problems in transferring the message right. Pictures in form of visual minutes help to follow the train of thoughts and keep the thread in everybody’s eye.

Green Capacity Building

Sustainable behavior needs awareness through education. Out of a hundred, only a few will understand and act differently. Those few will be the change makers in future. Greeneducation4all offers green capacity building to schools, vocational training institutes, communities and businesses in order to support the process.


Graphic Recording between arts and science

Berlin, 12. December 2019. Hybrid Futures in the Futurium, next to the main train station of Berlin. Greeneducation4all was asked to do the graphical protocol of the talk – between arts and science. The event brings together different professions and gives them a stage to elaborate future scenarios. This time it was science and art […]

Visualizing “Spectacle or Science” for the Alfred Töpfer Academy

Schneverdingen, 21. November 2019. Commissioned by the Alfred Töpfer Academy, I had the chance to visualize a workshop with the title “spectacle or science”. Not only that I did the Graphical Protocol, but I was also presenting this time. Fortunately, I had the minutes of the meeting prepared beforehand to be ready in time.

Visual communication for Johanniter

Stuttgart, 01. September 2019. Greeneducation4all helped to equip the professional membership recruitment team from Wesser in order to optimize their work routine. With the help of simple drawings, the street recruiters will be able to explain the good jobs, which will be supported, in a just a few seconds. In order to make passing pedestrians […]

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