Green Capacity Building

Green capacity building

The keys to achieve sustainability are sound education and ownership of natural assets. That simple logic is the backbone of our capacity building approach. In Kenya, for example once the Boni tribe was educated about the assets that they own, they protected them. In Vietnam, the knowledge about the value of natural resources is starting to be integrated in the schools lesson plan. A few of the young generation are already starting to fight against depletion of resources and environmental pollution.

The overall aim should be to support positive changes. Greeneducation4all is offering tailor made capacity building services that range between one-time presentations and long-term facilitation in whole-institution approaches. The content and the method vary according to target group, time, financial resources and other site-specific frame conditions.

Target groups and beneficiaries for green capacity building can be found in schools, vocational training institutes, communities and businesses.

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Enabling Greening in Ethiopian schools

Together with the NABU and the BMUB funded project “Biodiversity under climate change: community-based conservation, management & development concept for the wild coffee forests” a final handing over workshop was carried out in February 2017.  The developed materials of the participatory teacher and students’ workshops in June 2016 were handed over to school teachers and […]

Green Capacity Building in Ethiopia

The NABU project “Biodiversity under climate change: community-based conservation, management & development concept for the wild coffee forests” aims at the protection and sustainable use of the remaining afromontane cloud-forests and wetlands. Apart from protection and sustainable use of the remaining forests and wetlands of Kafa Biosphere Reserve, the project focuses on education and communication. […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Vocational Training Colleges in Vietnam

If a “greening” process is strived for, a project like approach can be used. Greeneducation4all is happy to share some experiences. The following article gives insides of a first baseline mission for Greening TVET in Vietnam. It is not covering a full project circle. Greening Vocational Training in the South of Vietnam (GIZ & Greeneducation4all) […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Schools in Vietnam

Best Practice Example Bac Lieu, Vietnam   Teachers that want to integrate environmental education into their own lessons, can find plenty of good practices examples. One of those is an integration process in Vietnam, in which Greeneducation4all was involved: Integrating Environmental Education in Secondary and High Schools in Bac Lieu Province, Viet Nam Integrating Environmental Education […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Communities in Kenya

Community centered green capacity building in the Boni Forest in Kenya   In cooperation with the Transboundary Environmental Project from the Italian NGO Terra Nuova, Greeneducation4all supported the final information transfer to the local community by visual communication and joining the last phase of capacity building workshops.   The Boni Forest is located in north-eastern […]

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