Green Capacity Building 4 Vocational Training

Every human being is using natural resources. Beyond the basic needs, vocational training graduates will also need the resources as essential material for most of their jobs. That is the case for many professions ranging from apparel to mechanics. The increasing need of energy and the decline in non-renewable resources will be an imminent challenge in future.

It is the responsibility of teachers to provide their students with a set of knowledge and skills that prepare them for those challenges. Starting from theoretical education up to health, security and workshop management. It is about time to integrate green education in mindsets of each and every student to make them fit for their future.


  • Baseline of knowledge and attitude in regard to environment and sustainability
  • Tailor made training for and capacity building of in-service teachers
  • Workshops for vocational training students
  • Facilitation of a whole institution approach, including capacity building, analyzing and greening
  • Additional outreach to the communities

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