Green Capacity Building in Ethiopia

The NABU project “Biodiversity under climate change: community-based conservation, management & development concept for the wild coffee forests” aims at the protection and sustainable use of the remaining afromontane cloud-forests and wetlands.

Apart from protection and sustainable use of the remaining forests and wetlands of Kafa Biosphere Reserve, the project focuses on education and communication.

Students as the upcoming generation play a specifically important role in sustainable development. Therefore, it is intended to raise awareness and create an understanding about the importance of environment and sustainable development and promote the biosphere reserve concept.

In order to provide standard school material for lecturing and working on the topic of biodiversity and conservation, Greeneducation4all was called in to conduct capacity building workshops and develop material which can be used in the context of school curricula.

The material is designed to be used as reference material in class. The Kafa Biosphere Reserve, sustainability, biodiversity, ecosystems, climate change and waste management are addressed and worked out together with teachers and students from communities in and around the Kafa Biosphere Reserve.

During group work sessions teachers adjusted example lesson plans for grade 5 to grade 8 through integrating the new content. Additionally, in order to support the integration process a set of requested teaching aids will be developed. All developed drawings and posters will be uploaded to this webside and can be found under the Creative Commons Gallery.


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