Green Capacity Building 4 Schools

Currently the training of future teachers at college and university level is catching up on topics like conservation, sustainability and alternative energies. For most of the in-service teachers that knowledge is as new for them as it is for their students. In emerging young economies like those in transition countries this effect is even more severe. A possibility to bridge the gap is to integrate the new content together with the practicing teachers and help understand while adjusting their lectures materials.

In-service teacher training is taking place as additional capacity building for teachers that are already practicing. It doesn’t matter which subject, there are always connections to environment and sustainability. Next to content related subjects like biology and geography, also in math or literature can be talked about nature and environment, sustainability and the connection to own actions.


  • Baseline of knowledge and attitude in regard to environment and sustainability
  • Capacity building of In-Service teachers through training and teaching aid development
  • Training of pre-service teacher students in methods and content
  • Cross-subject, whole institution approach for the integration of Education for Sustainable Development

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