Enabling Greening in Ethiopian schools

Together with the NABU and the BMUB funded project “Biodiversity under climate change: community-based conservation, management & development concept for the wild coffee forests” a final handing over workshop was carried out in February 2017. The developed materials of the participatory teacher and students’ workshops in June 2016 were handed over to school teachers and the Kafa Zone Department of Education.

The reference article can be found here for further reading.

The first part of the final workshop in Bonga, Kafa Zone, repeated the content of the developed material. Topics like the importance of biosphere reserves, challenges of climate change and waste management were addressed. Furthermore, the content was linked to the developed teaching aids and relevant questions and answers for the teachers to ask.

The final “Teaching biodiversity” manual, the master copies, posters and single drawings that support the greening process are available in our creative commons gallery. They can be used, shared and adapted free of charge under the preconditions of appropriate attribution (Greeneducation4all/Stefanie Gendera) and non-commercial use (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). More about the terms can be found on the creative commons website.

The photos used in that article are taken by NABU/Abdurazak Sahile Mussa and NABU/Nora Koim.

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