Green Capacity Building 4 Vocational Training

Every human being is using natural resources. Beyond the basic needs, vocational training graduates will also need the resources as essential material for most of their jobs. That is the case for many professions ranging from apparel to mechanics. The increasing need of energy and the decline in non-renewable resources will be an imminent challenge […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Schools

Currently the training of future teachers at college and university level is catching up on topics like conservation, sustainability and alternative energies. For most of the in-service teachers that knowledge is as new for them as it is for their students. In emerging young economies like those in transition countries this effect is even more […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Communities

There are many initiatives from the German government to involve communities in reducing the carbon footprint and adaptation to climate change, like the Agenda 21. Project funds are available which support the communities’ engagement. In Germany and beyond actions are undertaken, covering awareness raising and mitigation measures. Greeneducation4all offers services to support those processes in […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Businesses

Climate change and the loss of biodiversity is caused by many reasons. Growth of economies and subsequently the increasing demand for resources and energy are taking a good share of it. Production entities, brands and retailers are in debt of nature and environment. In order to maintain our future demand in natural resources, cleaner production, […]