Graphic Recording between arts and science

Berlin, 12. December 2019. Hybrid Futures in the Futurium, next to the main train station of Berlin. Greeneducation4all was asked to do the graphical protocol of the talk – between arts and science. The event brings together different professions and gives them a stage to elaborate future scenarios. This time it was science and art […]

Visualizing “Spectacle or Science” for the Alfred Töpfer Academy

Schneverdingen, 21. November 2019. Commissioned by the Alfred Töpfer Academy, I had the chance to visualize a workshop with the title “spectacle or science”. Not only that I did the Graphical Protocol, but I was also presenting this time. Fortunately, I had the minutes of the meeting prepared beforehand to be ready in time.

Graphical protocol for the Conservation Days 2019

Visselhövede, 06. Und 07. November 2019. Greeneducation4all was asked to protocol the Conservation Days in Lower Saxony. The big size visualized minutes of the meetings included the portraits of the presenters and summarized the main content of their speeches. The core areas of the expert conference were climate change and infrastructure planning. Besides others, one […]

Visualizing the 24th TASIMA conference

Magdeburg, 18. And 19. September 2019. For the 24th time the TASIMA Conference was held in Magdeburg. The conference brings together different stakeholder, scientists and government representatives concerned about waste reduction and recycling in urban areas. Greeneducation4all supported the event with a graphical protocol which helped following the red thread throughout the two-days-conference. Last year […]

Graphic recording for Environmental Ministry

Berlin, 18. August 2019. Greeneducation4all did the graphical protocol at the Open Doors Day in the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). It was a real honor to protocol our Federal Minister Svenja Schulze next to the activists of Fridays for Future on that day. In the beginning of the […]

Bumblebee cartoon for Environmental Ministry

Berlin, January until July 2019. In collaboration with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) we created a comic book about a wild bee, a bumblebee princess. All through her year, we follow the little insect and experience her challenges and her life’s cycle. All illustrations were done in Aquarelle […]

Visualizing knowledge about wild and honey bees

25. to 27. June 2019, Schneverdingen. Visual protocol for the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation (NNA) of Lower Saxony. Three days for teachers and educators full of knowledge about bees. The well-organized partly practical and theoretical parts of the workshop were visualized in two big size graphical protocols. The differences between wild bees and […]

Digital note taking for insects and conservation

4th June, Duderstadt. The Environmental Ministry of Lower-Saxony and the Sielmann-Stiftung were gathering important stakeholders to discuss about insect conservation. During two group work sessions a digital protocol visualized the findings, challenges and activities which need to be undertaken as well as responsible authorities and finances. With the one-day workshop the Ministry of Lower-Saxony took […]


8th International CSR Conference in illustrations

14. and 15. November 2018, Cologne. Two conference days accompanied by us and saved in a graphical protocol. Greeneducation4all was part of the 8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility in Cologne. Well known speakers, expert insights and interactive workshops – documented on two times 120 x 150 cm protocol paper.

Graphic facilitation for regional conference

Graphic facilitation for regional conference

20. September 2018, Schneverdingen. The NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.) in collaboration with the Alfred Toepfer Institute launched the first regional member-based conference of the NGO in late summer this year. The topic “Neue Agrarpolitik jetzt” was chosen to find a cross-regional approach for the European elections and the common agricultural policies. Greeneducation4all supported the process […]