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Visual Communication

Using pictures is one of the oldest forms of communication. Already 40.000 years ago the Neanderthals left traces in caves across Europe. Naive cave drawings, which outlasted the ravages of time. They give us an understanding of the way our ancestors lived thousands of years ago through simply looking at them. Pictures as a mean of communication can help to cross generations as well as language barriers and will add an extra value to modern communication.

There are different forms of professional visualization. By using pictures the spoken word is captured in scenes. In workshops or conferences it is used to draw the minutes of the meeting. That way of using visual communication is called graphic recording.

Drawings can also capture processes and through this be used to visualize more complex cause and effect relations. That profession in visual communication is called graphic facilitation. It helps the moderator as well as the participants to follow the train of thoughts and work more efficient towards the common goal.

Greeneducation4all is offering visual communication in all its facets. Our services include the documentation of workshops in form of big-size drawn posters and facilitation of group processes.

  • Graphic recording
  • Graphic facilitation

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