Visual communication for Johanniter

Stuttgart, 01. September 2019. Greeneducation4all helped to equip the professional membership recruitment team from Wesser in order to optimize their work routine. With the help of simple drawings, the street recruiters will be able to explain the good jobs, which will be supported, in a just a few seconds. In order to make passing pedestrians […]

Bumblebee cartoon for Environmental Ministry

Berlin, January until July 2019. In collaboration with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) we created a comic book about a wild bee, a bumblebee princess. All through her year, we follow the little insect and experience her challenges and her life’s cycle. All illustrations were done in Aquarelle […]

Illustrations for membership recruitment

Illustrations for membership recruitment

Conservation work needs support from society. To strengthen the membership base, some NGOs use the help of professional membership recruitment agencies. The ability of convincing people to support a good cause like nature protection comes from the spoken word and in our case is supported by unique illustrations. Small helpers which visualize the purpose of […]