Bumblebee cartoon for Environmental Ministry

Berlin, January until July 2019. In collaboration with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) we created a comic book about a wild bee, a bumblebee princess. All through her year, we follow the little insect and experience her challenges and her life’s cycle. All illustrations were done in Aquarelle and afterwards digitalized. The storyboard as well as the graphic design, text and illustrations were done by us, Greeneducation4all. The Cartoon was printed in two limited editions, for the International Agricultural Fair (IGW) 2019 and for the Umweltfestival 2019. They were given out for free.

Thanks to Sebastian Hennings for the portrait shot of the two ladies. www.hennigs-photography.de

For more information about the Ministries’ initiative for the protection of our wild bees visit their website unter www.bmu.de/insektenschutz

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