Graphic recording the final workshop of AWO and NABU

Tuesday, the 4th of April 2017. NABU and AWO are hosting their final workshop, closing a project that integrated education for sustainable development in Germanys volunteers program. Every year around 90.000 volunteers are trained in divers topics in which environmental protection and social equity is now an integral part. Greeneducation4all was documenting the closing workshop […]

Enabling Greening in Ethiopian schools

Together with the NABU and the BMUB funded project “Biodiversity under climate change: community-based conservation, management & development concept for the wild coffee forests” a final handing over workshop was carried out in February 2017. The developed materials of the participatory teacher and students’ workshops in June 2016 were handed over to school teachers and […]

Graphic Facilitation supports campaigning

Thursday, the 6th October 2016. A new German wide campaign is in the making. The NABU is focusing towards GAP 2020. The renewal of the common agriculture policy of the European states towards 2020 needs strategical campaigning. The biggest member-based NGO is therefore preparing a common strategy to influence the decision makers pro nature. During […]

Graphic Recording the BilRess panel discussion

Tuesday, the 20th September 2016. The Technical University (TU) in Berlin is hosting the 5th networking conference on education and resources. Greeneducation4all was called in to document the panel discussion during the conference. The visual protocol covered a lively discussion about the challenges of integrating green education in vocational training and universities.

Green Capacity Building in Ethiopia

The NABU project “Biodiversity under climate change: community-based conservation, management & development concept for the wild coffee forests” aims at the protection and sustainable use of the remaining afromontane cloud-forests and wetlands. Apart from protection and sustainable use of the remaining forests and wetlands of Kafa Biosphere Reserve, the project focuses on education and communication. […]

Graphic Facilitation for Agreements in Vocational Training

Communication is a crucial issue. Do we talk about the same? Did the other one understood? In order to make sure that the common objective is clear and everybody talks about the same, the use of art to visualize the content can be of great help. The additional benefit of drawing pictures becomes even more […]

Graphic Facilitation for the River Aller

The Aller is a 211 km long river in the states of Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony in Germany. It is a tributary of the River Weser. The Aller was extensively straightened, widened and partly dyked during the 1960s to install flood control of the river. All those manmade measures limit the rivers natural flow and […]

Visualizing Final Achievements and Lessons learnt from Bac Lieu

The project “Adaptation to Climate Change through the Promotion of Biodiversity” presented final achievements in Ho Chi Minh City on 19th November 2014. Greeneducation4all was taking part and visualized the presentations covering all five core topics of the project. After 6 years practical integration in the pilot Province Bac Lieu in the south of Vietnam […]

Graphic Recording in Germany 4 Wolves

Monday, the 21st of September 2015. Four days before the start of an International Conference about Wolves and the challenges of their return in Europe. The preparations for the visual protocol are starting. The visual support of a conference is not only the drawings, that will be developed during the time of presentations; it is […]

Green Capacity Building 4 Vocational Training Colleges in Vietnam

If a “greening” process is strived for, a project like approach can be used. Greeneducation4all is happy to share some experiences. The following article gives insides of a first baseline mission for Greening TVET in Vietnam. It is not covering a full project circle. Greening Vocational Training in the South of Vietnam (GIZ & Greeneducation4all) […]